Call-in Day: Give Todd Penegor, CEO a ring on Feb. 1 to demand that Wendy’s respect farmworkers' human rights!

Next Wednesday, February 1, our network will be taking action in the lead up to the Return to Human Rights Tour and major Columbus mobilization March 24-26 with a national call-in day to Wendy’s headquarters! Call Wendy's CEO Todd Penegor to remind Wendy’s top executives and key decision-makers of the Fair Food Nation’s commitment to boycott the fast food holdout until they take responsibility for human rights abuses in their supply chain.

For far too long, Wendy’s has hidden behind its empty, toothless Supplier Code of Conduct. Unlike the Fair Food Program, Wendy's standards, set forth in the code, lack effective mechanisms for worker participation and enforcement. To avoid farmworker and consumer calls for justice, Wendy’s fled to an industry in Mexico where workers continue to confront wage theft, sexual harassment, child labor, and even forced labor without access to protections. This March, farmworkers will embark on a 14-day, 12-city tour across the Southeast and Midwest to call for farmworker justice, and they will join thousands of consumer allies to deliver this message straight to Wendy’s doorstep in the company's hometown of Columbus, OH. Together, farmworkers and allies will ensure that Wendy’s turns their act around and commits to dignity in the fields by joining the Fair Food Program.

Join us in bringing Wendy’s to the table by calling Wendy’s CEO Todd Penegor next Wednesday February 1, and let him know that the Fair Food Nation is ready, and we’re coming! If Wendy’s doesn't join the Fair Food Program before March rolls around, we’ll be bringing our friends, classmates, congregations, and communities to Columbus, OH for a large, visible, and powerful mobilization culminating in the Return to Human Rights Tour!

Call-in number: Dial 614-764-3100, press #3, ask to leave a message for Todd Penegor (they will transfer you to his assistant, Lisa Spears)

Here is a sample script:

“Hi, my name is _______ and I’m calling to leave a message for Mr. Todd Penegor in support of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. The CIW is a farmworker human rights organization that's calling on Wendy’s to end exploitation in their supply chain by joining the internationally-recognized Fair Food Program. I am currently participating in the national boycott of Wendy's because of your company's ongoing failure to join. If Wendy's doesn't join the CIW’s Fair Food Program by March, I will be attending a major national farmworker and consumer mobilization March 24-26 in Dublin and Columbus, and I’ll be bringing my community, too! 

Thank you for relaying this message.”

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