CIW launches official Fair Food label

The CIW has released the official Fair Food label – an image four years in the making that represents a new model for human rights in global supply chains that is designed, monitored, and enforced by farmworkers themselves.

The new label is the product of over 20 years of farmworkers organizing in Florida, and over a decade of students and young people, people of faith, and communities of conscience mobilizing alongside the CIW to demand justice for farmworkers.

Starting as early as Fall 2014, select participating buyers will be displaying the Fair Food Program label in their locales, certifying the respect of the human rights of the men and women picking them in what has been called – on the front page of the New York Times – “the best working environment in American agriculture.”

Four years ago, when the Fair Food Program finally went into effect, workers won the ability to design a vision long in the making into a reality. And today, farmworkers are confident enough in the power and efficacy of the Fair Food Program — in the never-before-seen rights flourishing in Florida’s tomato fields, poised to expand into other crops and states — that they’re ready to launch this landmark label and celebrate it with people across the country.

Visit Fair Food Program's brand new website for more information on the Fair Food label!