a new day for farmworkers

Through decades of tireless organizing by thousands upon thousands of farmworkers, people of faith, students and consumers of conscience, the Campaign for Fair Food has won 14 legally-binding agreements with some of the world’s largest food retailers, including Taco Bell, McDonald's and Walmart. As a result, tens of thousands of farmworkers are experiencing never-before-seen rights on farms from Florida to New Jersey through the award-winning Fair Food Program. The verifiable human rights protections afforded to workers under the Fair Food Program include the right to shade and water in the fields; the right to file a complaint without fear of retaliation; the right to work free from sexual harassment and modern slavery; and the first real wage increase for farmworkers in over 30 years.

Our work alongside the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) has radically transformed wages and conditions for farmworkers in the U.S. agricultural industry. The Fair Food Program’s unique success has created a blueprint for implementing and enforcing human rights in global low-wage supply chains, known as the groundbreaking Worker-driven Social Responsibility model.

Following the tremendous leadership of the CIW, the Alliance for Fair Food network’s tenacity, creativity, spirit and commitment play an integral role in securing victories for workers that are changing the landscape of human rights in U.S. Drawing from our collective strengths and successes, we aim to build a multi-cultural, multi-generational and cross-constituency movement for farmworker justice. Today, as the Fair Food Program grows and the Campaign for Fair Food sees a reach far greater than ever before, our mission remains to stand with farmworkers as they advance their struggle for justice and dignity.