Fair Food Nation prepares to unveil the truth behind Wendy's square burgers in over a dozen cities next week...

CIW allies in Houston lay out freshly-painted artwork in preparation for the 2018 “Pulling Back the Curtain on Wendy’s” National Week of Action.

CIW allies in Houston lay out freshly-painted artwork in preparation for the 2018 “Pulling Back the Curtain on Wendy’s” National Week of Action.

Teach-ins, theater pieces and protests confirmed in New York, Columbus, Ann Arbor, Ft. Myers, Chapel Hill, Houston, Providence, Washington, Miami… just to name a few! 

With the academic year now in full swing — and after over 80 students and young people spent a long weekend of strategizing in Immokalee, FL, during the 2018 Encuentro — the Fair Food Nation is ready to kick off the semester with a bang! Next week, from Oct. 22-28, CIW allies across the country will be staging teach-ins, theater skits and direct actions from California to New York as part of the "Pulling Back the Curtain on Wendy's" National Week of Action.

We're exposing the sexual violence and exploitation behind Wendy's square burgers… But guess what, Wendy's? Your act is up!

So far, over a dozen cities, from Orange, California to Gainesville, Florida, have answered the call — and counting:

Tallahassee, FL – Sunday, October 21
Contact: lk16b@my.fsu.edu

Tampa, FL Tuesday, October 23
Contact: tbfairfood@gmail.com

Chapel Hill, NC Thursday, October 25
Contact: biancao@sfalliance.org

Columbus, OH Thursday, October 25
Contact: rachael@sfalliance.org, alexh@sfalliance.org

Gainesville, FL Thursday, October 25
Contact: chispasuf@gmail.com

Ann Arbor, MI Friday, October 26
Contact: kim@sfalliance.org

Washington DC Saturday, October 27
Contact: beno@sfalliance.org

New York City Saturday, October 27
Contact: oceanjeremy@gmail.com

Fort Myers, FL Saturday, October 27
Contact: fgcusfa@gmail.com

Houston, TX Saturday, October 27
Contact: sandracisnerospeeters@gmail.com

Miami, FL Saturday, October 27
Contact: lopez.jasiel@gmail.com

Orange, FL
Contact: viano101@mail.chapman.edu

Providence, RI
Contact: tali@sfalliance.org

Head over to the National Week of Action's landing page for more details on how to plug in – and don't forget to refer to our online action toolkit as a resource, which has helpful templates, workshop guides, sample flyers, and outreach tips. If you don't see your action listed, reach out to us at organize@allianceforfairfood.org or call us at 239-692-1482.


Meanwhile at the University of Michigan...

Students and community members crashed Wendy's college tailgating tour during the Michigan vs. Wisconsin match! The action was successful in educating hundreds of football fans about the gross human rights track record of the NCAA's latest fast-food sponsor — and even landing a Boycott Wendy's cameo on live TV during ESPN's Game Day coverage. Students were on a roll recruiting new members to support the local effort to prevent Wendy's from returning to campus until it joins the Fair Food Program, including none other than UMich's very own Biff, the Wolverine!

Stay tuned for more developments on the boycott front as the preparations for the national Week of Action continue...