On Wednesday Oct. 18, call Wendy's CEO ahead of a major CIW Women's Group mobilization at headquarters!


Next week, the CIW Women's Group hits the road to its first stops in the new "Harvest without Violence" campaign to end sexual violence in Wendy's supply chain: Columbus and Dublin, Ohio. Exhibiting the "Harvest without Violence Mobile Museum" at universities and public places throughout the area, they'll draw attention to the fast-food holdout's unconscionable choice of violence and impunity over justice and human rights in Wendy's home and headquarter towns. On Monday, Oct. 23, they'll head straight to headquarters to attempt to meet with Mr. Todd Penegor, Wendy's CEO, and other Wendy's decision-makers to urge them to make the right choice and join the Fair Food Program once and for all!

We're calling on the Fair Food Nation to stand with farmworker women by phoning the offices of Mr. Todd Penegor next Wednesday, Oct. 18!

Use the script below or offer your personal comments to let Mr. Penegor know the CIW and allies are on their way, and remind him that until Wendy's joins the Fair Food Program, farmworkers and their growing base of consumer allies will #BoycottWendys!

After the call, fill out the form or email us at organize@allianceforfairfood.org to let us know how it went.

Call-in number: (614) 764-3100, then press the number '3' to be connected to an operator


“Hi, my name is _______ and I’m calling to leave a message for Mr. Todd Penegor in support of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. The CIW is a farmworker human rights organization that's calling on Wendy’s to end exploitation in their supply chain by joining the internationally-recognized Fair Food Program. I am currently participating in the national boycott of Wendy's because of your company's ongoing failure to join. I'm particularly concerned about the sexual violence faced by farmworkers in Mexico and Wendy's ongoing support of unchecked abuse. Farmworker women will be travelling to your Dublin headquarters next Monday to personally ask Mr. Penegor and Wendy's to support their human rights, once and for all. I urge you to join the Program immediately.

Thank you for relaying this message.”

Spread the word to your community and join us next Wednesday, Oct. 18 as we stand with farmworker women, who should not have to surrender their dignity for the right to put food on their families' tables!

United for respect, 

-The Immokalee Crew