Coming soon, the Fair Food Nation takes action during Southeast, Midwest ‘Behind the Braids’ tours!

Building on last week’s first-ever Wendy’s Boycott Summit in Immokalee, farmworkers and allies from coast to coast are animated by a full weekend of skill-building, strategizing, and taking action – and now, the Fair Food Nation is setting its sights on the next big thing on the horizon:  six national Behind the Braids tours to take the Wendy’s Boycott to communities across the country!

Next week, the CIW will embark on the first two of these tours: one criss-crossing the Southeast, and the other heading to straight into the heart of Wendy’s territory in the Midwest.  Already, teams of farmworkers and allies in Immokalee are preparing to hit the road this weekend and putting finishing touches on plans for the upcoming journey.

Check out the seven Wendy’s actions taking place in cities across Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, and Kentucky. If any of the Behind the Braids tours are heading your way, make sure to get in touch and catch the wave of actions sweeping the nation!

TUESDAY, October 4
Wendy’s Protest in Cincinnati, OH
4:30 PM@ Wendy’s (1246 Hopple St, Cincinnati)
Contact: shelby (at)

TUESDAY, October 4
Wendy’s Protest in Nashville, TN
5:30 PM @ Wendy’s (1045 28th Ave N)
Contact: carmen (at)

WEDNESDAY, October 5
Wendy’s Protest in Cleveland, OH
4:30 PM @ Wendy’s (13246 Cedar Rd.)
Contact: shelby (at)

WEDNESDAY, October 5
Wendy’s Protest in Athens, GA
5:30 PM @ Daily Coop (523 Prince Ave)
Contact: carmen (at)

THURSDAY, October 6
Wendy’s Protest in Louisville, KY
12:00 PM @ University of Louisville Library
Contact: shelby (at)

FRIDAY, October 7
Wendy’s Protest in Columbus, OH
3:00 PM @ Wendy’s (2004 N High St.)
Contact: shelby (at)

SATURDAY, October 8
March to Wendy’s in Atlanta, GA
1:30 PM @ Piedmont Park Charles Allen Entrance
Contact: carmen (at)

Stay tuned for beautiful photos, waves of press, and exciting report backs from Gainesville to New York City to Columbus in the action-packed weeks ahead! For more information on the different actions happening across the country, visit the Behind the Braids website