VIDEO: “We are not tied down by slavery… we are embraced by freedom.”

As the Workers’ Voice Tour makes its way south, disseminating farmworkers’ call for dignity and respect in the fields across the country, there has been time to take pause and deeply reflect on the movement for farmworker justice and the interrelated struggles being fought worldwide to usher in a new day for all.

Yesterday, with the warm spring sun shining down on southwest Ohio, the tour stepped back from the excitement of a campaign — a national boycott — in full swing to recognize and thank the women who fight for justice in honor of International Women’s Day. The reflection, led by the CIW’s own powerful women leaders under the shade of strong, interconnected oak trees, created beautiful, vulnerable moments that embraced and united an already tight group of participants.

The CIW media team captured some of the sentiments that were shared and collectively experienced yesterday afternoon, compiled in a short video. 

And tomorrow – keep a look out for a reportback on the action in Louisville and Nashville, as the tour continues on its journey for justice from Wendy's. 

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