Give the gift of human rights for farmworkers!

What if this holiday season, you could give a loved one the gift of human rights for farmworkers?  

In 2016, never-before-seen rights for tens of thousands of farmworkers have reached tomato fields across the East Coast, as well as bell pepper and strawberry fields in Florida. Over the past 15 years, through the tenacious Campaign for Fair Food, hundreds of thousands of consumers and farmworkers have partnered together to bring corporate giants to implement human rights in their supply chain. And the unprecedented result of that partnership — the creation and implementation of the award-winning Fair Food Program — is guaranteeing freedom to work free from sexual harassment, an end to forced labor, access to shade, water, bathrooms, the right to report abuse without fear of retaliation, and many other rights to farmworkers in the U.S. agricultural industry. 

Now, our challenge is not only to strengthen and expand these rights, but to also sustain them for the long haul. And that’s why this holiday season, we invite you to give the gift of human rights to a friend or family member by making a sustaining donation in their honor.

Finally, we are sharing an example of the impact of donations to the Fair Food Sustainer Program directly from the CIW’s website:

If 25 people gave $25 a month, the CIW worker-to-worker education team would have the resources necessary to bring Fair Food Program education to 1,000 workers in the northern states of Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina each summer, where the team rises before dawn each morning, drives to distant fields, and informs workers, face to face, of their right to work free of violence, sexual harassment, and dangerous working conditions.”

Your gift in someone’s honor to the Fair Food Sustainer Program is an investment in a different future: A future where the New Day of human rights dawning in fields across the East Coast becomes the norm. It is an investment in the future of the world we are creating together – one where all people are treated with dignity and respect on the job, at home and beyond. 

Join us in making that future a reality.