CALL TO ACTION: #UnmaskingWendys National Weekend of Action!

This September, over 20 cities and college campuses joined together for the #SchoolingWendy’s week of action! From Food Chains screenings to #BootTheBraids actions, from pickets to letter deliveries, the Fair Food Nation’s message to Wendy’s was loud and clear: Wendy’s, there’s no excuse for your absence in the Fair Food Program!  Through the weekend, this movement brought together an even stronger vision of what a network comprised of students, leaders of faith and community members can achieve when uniting for Fair Food. But that’s just the first step — we’ve heard Wendy’s endless excuses and PR ploys, and now … it’s time for the Fair Food Nation to unmask them for what they really are! 

As the nights get longer and the days a bit cooler, and Wendy's groundless excuses persist, we are more conscious than ever that while they attempt to step towards modernity, they cannot hide behind their old-fashioned values and blatant exploitation. It’s no coincidence that as Halloween night approaches, we are all haunted by the commitment to Fair Food that current Wendy’s CEO, Emil Brolick, made in 2004 while President of Taco Bell.  Even their sugar-coated tricks won’t be able to withstand the call from the Fair Food Nation, getting louder day by day. 

This Halloween, join us in the #UnmaskingWendys Weekend of Action! Whether a march, a picket, or a letter delivery at your local Wendy’s, we are asking the Fair Food Nation to take to this streets this Halloween weekend. While many will be out asking for sweets and treats, the Fair Food Nation will be calling on Wendy’s to do the just and right thing, and join the Fair Food Program. With the call for dignity and respect ringing truer and truer by the day, the ghost of Emil Brolick’s past commitment to Fair Food will not be able to endure the ever-growing (and now spookier!) call from the Fair Food Nation. 

Get in touch at to begin planning for the #UnmaskingWendys Halloween Weekend of Action! 

See you in-costume at Wendy’s locations across the country!