Join faith allies across the country in a National Day of Reflection and Action on March 7!

On March 7, from 12:00 noon - 12:15 PM people of faith across the nation will be pausing to reflect on the extraordinary gains in farmworkers’ rights that have been achieved by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ Fair Food Program and take action to advance those gains by calling on Wendy’s to join this proven human rights solution. Faith for fair food advocates will be sending postcards to Wendy’s CEO, signing a Boycott Wendy’s petition, sending prayers and moral messages to @Wendys with the hashtag #faithforfairfood, and donating to fund a bus bringing farmworkers to four public universities on the 4 for Fair Food Tour March 2-14.

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This day of spiritual contemplation and action by people of faith comes as nearly one hundred farmworkers and scores of students and community leaders will be preparing to march on The Ohio State University on March 8 to urge the school to cut ties with Wendy’s for its failure to put human rights on the menu.

“We hope that our prayers strengthen this tremendous witness for human rights that during this Christian season of Lent, OSU might have the courage of its convictions and Wendy’s might change course and join the Fair Food Program.” - Teresa Maria Carino, National Advisory Council Member of the Ignatian Solidarity Network

The Fair Food Program, a unique partnership among farmworkers, growers and major food retailers, has eliminated forced labor, sexual assault and other human rights abuses for tens of thousands of farmworkers in the U.S, and has won universal recognition for its unparalleled success, including a Presidential Medal in 2015. 

However, outside the Fair Food Program, farmworkers continue to face well-documented conditions of sexual violenceforced labor and other abuses. Whilefourteen corporations, including Wendy’s major competitors McDonald’s and Burger King, have joined the program and are using their purchasing power to uphold workers’ rights and create conditions of respect in the fields, Wendy’s has turned its back on this proven solution for five years.

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In light of Wendy’s response, students at four public universities have called on their schools to cut ties with Wendy’s. The University of Michigan just became the first university to declare Wendy’s is no longer welcome on campus as long until the fast food giant joins Fair Food Program.

“On March 7 people of faith across the nation will express our solidarity with farmworkers and students and public institutions like the University of Michigan who are calling on Wendy’s to join the Fair Food Program without delay,” explained Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster, Deputy Director of Program at T’ruah. “We will use our moral voice, employ our spiritual traditions and dedicate our resources to advancing this important campaign for farmworkers’ human rights."

How People of Faith Will Take Action

People of all faiths will pause at 12 noon - 12:15 pm on March 7 to reflect on the gains in human rights for farmworkers made by the Fair Food Program and take action to expand those advances by:

Undertaking any or all of these actions:

  • Call Wendy’s Headquarters (888.624.8140) or send a postcard urging the company to join the Fair Food Program.

  • Sign the Boycott Wendy’s Petition

  • Post a moral message or prayer on social media tagging @Wendys #faith4fairfood #fairfoodnation

  • Donate to fund the 4 for Fair Food Tour bus that, from March 2-14, will bring nearly 100 farmworkers to four public universities where students and community members are taking a moral stand and working to cut their campus ties with Wendy's.