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standing with farmworkers for justice, dignity and respect in the fields

Since the founding of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) in the early 1990s, as a group of six farmworkers began meeting weekly in Immokalee’s Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, people of faith have been a vital force in the national struggle for justice in the fields.  Contributing profoundly to the moral call and tremendous work at hand to realize farmworkers’ dream of dignity in their workplace, communities of faith from a number of traditions and denominations represent a long-term, core constituency in the vibrant, multi-cultural and multi-generational Alliance for Fair Food.

Working in partnership with the CIW, and alongside students, food justice advocates and consumers of conscience from all walks of life, the AFF Faith Network has played a powerful role in successfully transforming human rights in U.S. agriculture.  

United by our unflagging commitment to following farmworker leadership and organizing in our communities, we strive to understand our role in the historic movement for farmworker justice and put our faith into action to advance the CIW’s Campaign for Fair Food. Contact Alex and Uriel, the national AFF Faith Co-coordinators, if you would like to connect members of your tradition or your congregation to the fight for farmworker justice!


join the historic movement for farmworker justice today

Currently, the Campaign for Fair Food is focused squarely on Wendy’s, the only major fast-food retailer to still refuse to join the Fair Food Program, with a national boycott launched by farmworkers in March 2016. The Campaign also focuses on supermarket holdout Publix Supermarkets, the predominant grocer in the Southeast. Join us! 

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