As the Wendy's Boycott swells with growing support, the CIW is ready to to go "Behind the Braids" and take the truth behind Wendy's façade of social responsibility on the road this fall! 

Equipped with contagious energy, colorful artwork, and the consciousness of what really lies behind Wendy’s consumer-friendly image, farmworkers and allies participating in each of the six regional “Behind the Braids” tours and in the culminating national weekend of action will expose the farmworker poverty and exploitation in Wendy’s supply chain. This is a truth that Wendy’s has tried its hardest to keep under wraps – particularly, behind the guise of a Supplier Code of Conduct that falls painfully short of what’s really needed to ensure human rights in the fields: standards with enforcement and worker participation. 

In a series of six regional tours throughout October and November, CIW farmworkers will join hundreds upon hundreds of consumer allies for powerful actions, film screenings, presentations, workshops, and interviews in nearly two dozen cities nationwide and grow commitment to the Wendy's Boycott. Then, on Nov. 11-13, people across the Fair Food Nation will come together for a national weekend of action to make sure Wendy's understands that workers and consumers won't let up as long as the retailer continues to sweep its responsibility under the rug.